Trans Pride Morse Code Bracelet
Trans Pride Morse Code Bracelet
Trans Pride Morse Code Bracelet
Trans Pride Morse Code Bracelet
Trans Pride Morse Code Bracelet
Trans Pride Morse Code Bracelet
Trans Pride Morse Code Bracelet
Trans Pride Morse Code Bracelet
Trans Pride Morse Code Bracelet
Trans Pride Morse Code Bracelet
Trans Pride Morse Code Bracelet
Trans Pride Morse Code Bracelet
Trans Pride Morse Code Bracelet
Trans Pride Morse Code Bracelet
Trans Pride Morse Code Bracelet
Trans Pride Morse Code Bracelet

Trans Pride Morse Code Bracelet

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Unity In Every Dot & Every Dash. 🏳️‍🌈❤️

  • Handmade With Care
  • .925 Sterling Silver Beads
  • Only Available At Dot Me In Dashes
  • Bonus: Free Gift Box, Polishing Cloth & More

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Frenchie Hall Of Fame

😍 A few of our favorite custom frenchie bracelets 😍

French Bulldog Lily Custom Morse Code Bracelet 2.png__PID:71c3dfdd-b354-4681-85ba-a8cf77a2b947
French Bulldog - Sadie - Custom Morse Code Bracelet.png__PID:ad71c3df-ddb3-4456-8185-baa8cf77a2b9
French Bulldog - Rex - Custom Morse Code Bracelet.png__PID:223cad71-c3df-4db3-9456-8185baa8cf77
French Bulldog - Enzo - Custom Morse Code Bracelet.png__PID:d17a223c-ad71-43df-9db3-54568185baa8
French Bulldog- Winston - Custom Morse Code Bracelet 2.png__PID:c3dfddb3-5456-4185-baa8-cf77a2b9472a
French Bulldog - Rosie - Custom Morse Code Bracelet 2.png__PID:3cad71c3-dfdd-4354-9681-85baa8cf77a2
French Bulldog - Murphy - Custom Morse Code Bracelet (1).png__PID:7a223cad-71c3-4fdd-b354-568185baa8cf
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A high quality gift & Experience

Unbox the joy of connection with our meticulously packaged Morse code bracelet, designed to make every moment of receiving, opening, and wearing as memorable as the message it carries.

Less Effort,More Calories Burnt

The Ultimate ShaperLoop won't fall down your waist unlike conventional Hula Hoops. This means you can just focus on working out your core, booty and lower body muscles.

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ONLY available at dot me in dashes

Our Morse code bracelet backing is completely unique.  As of June 2024, you cannot find it anywhere else on the internet.  We are the only site that adds a picture of to our Morse code bracelets.

This bracelet makes a great gift for family and friends. Opening this unique gift on a special day makes hearts MELT. ❤️❤️❤️

ShaperLoop Comes With Loads Of Features

ShaperLoop is a hula hoop! But it’s a hula hoop like no other! Unlike the traditional ones, ShaperLoop will never fall due to its ingenious design. So, even if you never have hula hooped before, you can have heaps of FUN working out with the Smart HULA!

Fits All Sizes - Fully Adjustable Design

24 detachable links that span 20-42” for all waist sizes. Simply detach links as your middle reduces!

Modern, chic & Unique design

The ShaperLoop  is designed to be portable and lightweight; easily disassemble it and take it anywhere. Enjoy a high-intensity and calorie burning workout anywhere, anytime – perfect for use at home, in the office or anywhere really! Take a break, stretch your legs and start Hula hooping!

Comfortable — Hugs Your Waist Softly

The soft rubber massage heads provides a soft cushioning around your waist, preventing any bruising, pain or discomfort. When the weighted ball rotates around your waist, it pushes the soft rubber massage heads inward. This helps massage your waist and break up the stubborn belly fat around the area. 

Portable — Perfect For Home & Outdoors

The FitHoop is lightweight and portable, it can be used indoors or outdoors.

UpgradeD LED Display and WIRELESS design 

Built-in rechargeable battery for longer time, makes it easy to carry and you can directly check the temperature with the LED display. Shoulder massager supports more occasion to use such as driving , home, office or travel relaxing, the wireless battery allowing you can enjoy this shoulder wraps at anywhere you like.

Easy Setup 1-2-3 Go! Let's Do It

Who said doing workout is hard and boring? Simply strap it around your waist, adjust it to fit, and try to get it going. Our ShaperLoop is fully adjustable, allowing you to change the waist size of it until your final goal. It's designed to fit everybody with the infinitely adjustable link feature!

Pride Features Image - Dot Me In Dashes-1.png__PID:97ccfed4-cec7-4330-8d4e-0d8f6cb89927

Crafted with Love, Tailored for Memories

Experience the joy of wearing your affection with our French Bulldog Custom Morse Code Bracelets, thoughtfully designed to celebrate the unique bond between you and your French Bulldog.

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At Dot Me In Dashes, we treat every order with exceptional care, ensuring each Morse code bracelet is crafted perfectly to celebrate and connect our customers with their cherished memories and loved ones.

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30 Day Money Back Guarantee

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