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Collection: Veganville

Situated on eleven picturesque acres in Elsie (Seaside), Oregon, Veganville warmly opens its gates to visitors, offering a hands-on experience in compassionate animal care and organic permaculture farming. It serves as a platform for learning about the modern-day agribusiness and its profound implications for animals, human health, and the environment. Veganville passionately advocates for a cruelty-free and environmentally sustainable vegan lifestyle, which forms the cornerstone of its outreach and education program. Through engaging activities such as cooking classes, community gardening, and compassionate animal care, Veganville empowers individuals to embrace a compassionate way of living. Visitors are invited to immerse themselves in the farm’s ambiance, whether for hours, days, or even weeks, fostering an opportunity to make a meaningful impact on animal welfare, sustainable living practices, permaculture techniques, and organic farming. For those interested in long-term volunteer opportunities, more information can be found on getting involved at